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Here is a list of questions we frequently get asked.
For any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Who chooses the charity and what percentage of the gift is donated? The event host chooses their preferred charity and decides the split. Whether it's 5% or 95% that goes to charity it doesn't matter, every little bit helps.

Is there a fee to use Split-A-Gift? Fees are purely to cover transaction and maintenance costs and come out of the host’s gift. Every cent of the charity donation will go to the chosen charity. Except in the case when a host has chosen to donate a 100% of his /her gift to charity, in which case the charities have agreed to pay the fees.

Fees (includes VAT):

  • iDEAL €1.00
  • Visa and MasterCard 2% + €1.00

As credit card fees are more expensive, where possible, please choose iDEAL for a cheaper option.

In order to guarantee secure transactions, Mollie is our payment provider. When you make a payment, ‘Stg.[Mollie](https://www.mollie.com) Payments' will appear on your bank statement.

Is the payment method safe? Yes. Split-A-Gift uses Mollie, which is a registered and secure payment provider.

What about cookies? Cookies will be used purely for functional, and not commercial purposes. We simply wish to share the joy, not your personal information or online preferences.

Are the donations made to charity tax deductible and when do I receive proof of my donation? Yes they are tax deductible. The guest receives the tax receipt (in the form of a thank you letter from the charity) as as they have made the donation to the charity. The charities have agreed to send the tax receipt within a month after their donation has been received.

Is there a minimum gift amount? Yes. €5.00 is the minimum gift amount possible.

What's the difference between the date of an event and the payment deadline? The event date is the date of the occasion the host is celebrating. The payment deadline is the date until which the guests can transfer their gift contribution.

Does Split-A-Gift have audited accounts? Yes. The financial statements are audited annually by Mazars.


Can I use Split-A-Gift more than once? Yes, of course. Once you have made an account please use the site for as many events as you wish.

What if I wish to donate to a charity not listed on the Split-A-Gift site? There are two options. Either you can contact the charity directly and ask them to contact us, or let us know by email and we will contact the charity to see whether they meet the criteria to join Split-A-Gift.

Can I split my gift with more than one charity? No. In order to keep things simple and efficient it is only possible to choose one charity.

I want to be charitable but still I'd like to share most of it with myself, is this okay? Whatever the amount of your split, you’re doing something great. This is a gift, something extra, anyway it’s your gift, so you decide (or as we like to say ‘It’s my party and I’ll share if I want to’).

How old do I have to be to make an account? 16 years. Anyone under 16 is also very welcome, but please ask an adult for assistance.

Why do I have to pay a fee to use Split-A-Gift? Every time a transaction is made we have to pay for it. To cover these costs and the costs of maintaining the website, we charge the Host a nominal fee per gift.

I'm not having an actual party, can I still use Split-A-Gift? Of course. There may be times when you wish to split your gift without throwing a party, e.g. the birth of a baby. Please feel free to share the joy whenever it feels right.

Why must I make an account? Think of your account as a joy enabler. Your account enables you to set up & keep track of your events as well as to receive your gifts and donations. You can access your account via the login code which you made when you created your account. You need only make an account once. Any future events you organise will be accessed via the same code.

Why must I make an event page? This is the platform through which we share all things good. Your event page is where your guests view the details of your event: everything from the charity you’ve chosen and the percentage of your gift, to when the event is and your wish list. Furthermore, via your event page you (and only you) can track your gifts and donations as they are made by your guests.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests per event? Why put constraints on joy? Feel free to keep it as intimate or as gigantic as you choose. It’s your event so you may celebrate it however you like.

How do I know how much I've raised for charity? On your event page you can see the total amount raised. This includes both the individual donations made by your guests and the total amount you have raised for charity.
N.B. Your guests won’t be able to view this, as only you can access your financial info.

May I donate a 100% of my gift to charity? Yes, you may. After careful consideration, we’ve decided if someone wishes to donate everything to charity we don’t want to prevent it. In this instance the charity gets the cash, and you get the gift of altruism, so in a way you’re still splitting your gift. N.B. In the case of 100% charity donations, the charity, and not the host, will pay the fees.

How do I get my gift? With Split-A-Gift, your gift comes via a bank transfer. We will transfer the funds received within two weeks of the payment deadline.

Can I see the status of my event page? Yes, you can. As a Host you’re able to view your event page via your personal login code.

Will I be notified when a guest has made a donation? Of course. We will send an email confirmation with every payment made, and as such help share the joy.

Can I send a message to my guests after they have made a donation? In the interest of sharing we have set up a link so you can respond to your guests via their email address. The link will appear on your event page as soon as they’ve made a donation

Can I change my choice of charity at any stage? Once you’ve submitted your chosen charity on your event page this can no longer be changed. Of course, for future and/or additional events, you can choose a different charity with which to share the joy should you wish to.

Can I adjust my event page? Of course. It is possible to update your event information at any stage. (You may revise anything except your preferred charity and percentage allocation, which once submitted cannot be changed.)

Can I change the deadline for gift contributions? Yes you may.

Can I "earmark" my gift to charity for a particular project? Each charity listed has provided a contact person who will be only too happy to help you with this.

Is it possible to cancel my event? Should you cancel your event, we will transfer all payments already made towards your gift into your bank account (minus the Split-A-Gift fee). However, the amount donated to your chosen charity will still be transferred irrespective of cancellation. It is your responsibility to notify your guests and decide what to do regarding gift payments.
Your event page will remain online for a period of 2 weeks, with a notification that the event has been cancelled. A pop up will notify guests should they try to make a payment.


Why can't I, rather than the Host, decide which charity to support? Although you’re paying for it, it’s your Host’s present. Seeing as they have been generous enough to split their gift, we thought it only right that they choose where the remainder of it goes. If you want to choose the charity, simply set up an event and you can dictate the terms of your own generosity.

Can I leave a personal message for the Host when I’m giving my gift? Sure. You’d do so in person, so it’s only right that you’re able to do so here. We’ve therefore added the option for you to compose a message when making a payment.

Do I have to pay a fee to use Split-A-Gift? No. Only the Host of an event pays a fee to use the platform. Charging for generosity would hardly be joyful.


How does the charity receive its donation from Split-A-Gift? Via bank transfer. Split-A-Gift will transfer the donations received within 2 weeks of the payment deadline determined by the Host on his event page.

Can any charity join Split-A-Gift? We personally check all charities before asking them to join. All charities with an ANBI registration are welcome to apply.

Do charities have to pay a fee to join Split-A-Gift? Absolutely not. Apart from in the instance of someone donating 100% of their gift to charity, charities never pay a fee to be part of Split-A-Gift, or to receive a donation. This is a way in which we differ from other fundraising platforms and is something we feel strongly about.

How long will it take before the charity receives its donation? Split-A-Gift will transfer the donations within two weeks after the payment deadline determined by the Host on their event page.