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Every time you make a transaction we have to pay for it. To cover these costs and the costs of maintaining the website, we charge the Host a nominal fee per gift. The charities pay no fees and receive the amount donated in full. The only exception is when a Host chooses to donate a 100% of his gift to a charity, in which case the charities have agreed to pay the fees.

Fees per gift (includes VAT)

  • iDEAL €1.00
  • Visa and MasterCard 2% + €1.00

As credit card fees are more expensive, where possible, please choose iDEAL for a cheaper option.

In order to guarantee secure transactions, Mollie is our payment provider. When you make a payment, ‘Stg.Mollie Payments' will appear on your bank statement.

Our financial statements are audited annually by Mazars.